Hi there!

I’m Diego, a Spanish Mobile Developer based in the warm sunny south of Spain. Seville is my home city and a beautiful place you should visit if haven’t done already. Ping me on twitter if you’re visiting and we can arrange some 🍻if time permits.

I’ve been typing on keyboards since ‘88, when my parents got me a nice cassette-loading, green-screen AMSTRAD CPC 464. Since then I’ve been doing a lot of coding and just a few times I’ve been proud of code punched by me. BASIC was my 1st language, followed by PASCAL, C, C++ and on and on.

These days I mostly do Swift and CoffeeScript working at The Best Company In The World, Teamwork. If you want to apply there, send me a message because referrals I care.

This is my web page, my little corner in the Internet. I’m putting here my blog, my projects, my CV, some notes about different things that interest me (mostly technical / about computers)

All this is powered by Hugo, the static site generator and the beautiful Terminal theme. So it’s just a bunch of HTML, CSS and very few JavaScript. No ads, no annoying pop-ups and specially no trackers. I respect you, the reader, and think you need places where your time is valued (fast loading), your privacy is a Basic Human Right and nobody is spying on you. This is inspired by the values of Ethical Design

This is my other, rather funky, 80s AMSTRAD inspired About page. Enter at your own risk.