This time in English!

OK, I love to write. My old blog (in Spanish) is a testament to this. Lots of words were written there over many, many years. I also like to write fiction, but I’m so ashamed of everything I figure out that often I just compose things in my mind, where Facebook can’t read them (for now at least)

Wanted to write again for a while now, but been agonizing (and procrastinating over) deciding the most stupid of things. Should I use Wordpress or a static site generator? Where to host those files? In my current hosting plan, a repo, anything else the cool fellows are doing right now? Can I use git for any of this? In Spanish or in my really bad English? If I decide in favor of English, will I find my “voice” still recognizable? Will I melt from embarrassment when the first typos will be pointed out? Which theme to select?

I don’t really know how, but finally I’ve decided what to do with all these questions. I’m using Hugo, a really fast static site generator. This way, once generated, I can host these files anywhere, as they are just simple web stuff: HTML, CSS and a tiny bit of JavaScript. I’m using Github and Github Pages to host this content. And yes, just pushing changes to repo results in new awesome letters appearing in front of your eyes. I’ll do a write up of my current setup and workflow later. Finally, I’m using English, so please be patient with the typos, grammar errors and weird sentence constructs. Bear with me and please, do correct me. But if possible, in a friendly manner. Reach me on Twitter

So here I am, writing again. Hope you enjoy the content I’m preparing. As usual will be a mix of my ramblings and code, mostly technical things, with the occasional rant.

Wait a minute… is it called Hugo so they can internally say Hugo Blog, mocking the fashion firm?